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Google Project Fi - Mobile Support

Company: Google
Project: Consumer Support Differentiators

Role: UX Lead
Methods: Analytical product design, usability testing, quantitative analysis, prototyping, decision making


Project fi is a program to deliver a fast easy wirekess experience in close partnership with leading carriers, hardware makers, and Google users. For my work on Project Fi, I recieved the Global Business Platinum Award and was recognized for strategic and long-term impact to the Google culture.



Shipping and Handling
Product Notifications
Porting Support
Product Usage
Billing Support
International Notifications
In Product Support

Google Support - Mobile First Approach

Company: Google
Project: Consumer Help

Role: UX Lead
Methods: Responsive Design, Research Planning, HiFi, LoFi prototyping


Our users shifted to mobile in a big way, and we needed to pivot more sharply to focus on creating a great experience on phones and tablets especially in areas of support. Spearheaded mobile First initiative to think and build for an entirely mobile world y focusing on a seamless experience covering the most common use cases.

Google Product Support
Tree Testing
Survey CSAT
Mobile Forum A/B testing
Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 1.22.51 AM
Contact Us by Need
Customer Expectation

Google Support - Consumer Operations

Company: Google
Project: Consumer Operations Audit and Guideline Design

Role: UX Program Manager
Methods: Personas and Scenario Development, Usability testing, Quantitative Analysis, Research Planning, HiFi, LoFi prototyping


Lead a 19 person working group to execute weekly lab-based UX studies on strategic projects in the US and Europe to test and improve various support and learning resources. I have helped push out a personalization help platform, advocated for user based product changes and tested and optimized help resources.

UX Guidelines for Online Help Conten
Support One Boxes
Support Zippies
Troubleshooter Redesign
Help Center Redesign
Help Multimedia Design
YouTube Help
Proactive Support
Help Video Guidelines
Report Problems with Ease
Report Problems with Ease

IBM Interactive Brazil Cross Culture Site Design

Company: IBM Interactive
Project: Fast Shop Brazil Electronics Store Responsive design

Role: Senior Managing Consultant and Designer
Methods: Generalized transition network (GTN), personas and scenarios, comparative evaluation; heuristic evaluation, usability testing, launch


IBM Interactive Experience is an agency and consultancy, with the power to integrate the whole system. We worked on next-generation services, dedicated to creating transformative ideas that get our clients to the future first. We work in global studios and put our client's customers at the heart of everything we do. From strategy, creative and design to scalable digital, commerce, mobile and wearable platforms our agile teams sit side-by-side with our clients to invent and co-create innovations that drive results.


Home Page Tablet Responsive
Enter "Area" Code
Fine Print
Boleto Bacario
Address System
Receive Notifications and Offers
Review Page
Terms and Conditions
Credit Options
Product Comparison
Product Comparison

Pfizer Medical Information Site Redesign 

Company: Pfizer

Project: Pfizer medical information user centric website design

Role: UX Lead

Methods: comparitive analysis, wireframing, hifi prototyping, launch


Medical site for healthcare professionals to search for scientific info on Pfizer medications. The information within this site is intended to provide balanced, scientific, and evidence based answers to unsolicited medical questions. This resource includes package inserts, new resources, indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and adverse events. (hifi prototypes towards end of image gallary)



Baxter International

Company: Baxter

Project: Visual Guide, UI and unified web portal software redesign


Role: UX Lead

Methods: Contextual inquiry, wireframing, hifi prototyping, user testing


Baxter offers a variety of products across modalities for patients with kidney disease as their clinical and lifestyle needs evolve. I was tasked with the design of Baxter's visual guide and redesign of Baxter's kidney dialysis software. Please request work samples.

Medical Device Interface Redesign
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Time Warner Cable Web Optimization

Company: Time Warner Cable

Project: Customer care web optimization

Role: UX Lead

Methods: Contextual inquiry, wireframing, hifi prototyping, user testing


Time Warner Cable customer support online has 24/7 for help with billing issues, technical problems, frequently asked questions, how-to videos and troubleshooters. UX changes resulted in large and immediate impact on increasing conversions and generating more revenue.

Popular Solutions
Bills and Payments
Contact Us

Cisco CRM

Company: Time Warner Cable

Project: Systems Customer relationship management (CRM)

Role: UX Lead

Methods: Contextual inquiry, wireframing, hifi prototyping, user testing


Cisco Unified CRM Connectors integrate third-party customer relationship management (CRM) applications with Cisco Unified Contact Center solutions. It's user interface deals with all customer interactions from interactive voice responses (IVR) to transferrs from the CRM screen. UX Changes resulted in saved costs, raise efficiency, and increase in revenue.


The Old 1
The Old 2
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Comcast Redesign Agent Tool

Company: Comcast

Project: Troubleshooting application front end

Role: UX Lead

Methods: wireframing, hifi prototyping, user testing


Comcast activity is logged for incoming and outgoing calls. Agents can place, receive, and transfer customer interactions with full, real-time access to customer data. UX changes helped save money, increasing revenue, improve monitoring, and enhance customer service.

Back in the Day
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U.S. Department of Education redesign

Company: U.S. Department of Education site

Project: redesign

Role: UX Lead

Methods: wireframing, hifi prototyping, user testing



U.S. Department of Education site explaining how to view Federal student loan documents, entrance counseling and how to sign promissory notes. Includes getting answers to questions on private student loans, financial aid and the college loan process.

Sample Hi Fi Comp
Final Visual with Graphic Design

Genkiji new Product development

Client: None, Team Built

Role: Researcher and Designer
Project: Genkiji
Methods: Analytical Product Design, Personas and Scenario Development, Usability testing, Quantitative Analysis, Business Plan Development, HiFi, LoFi prototyping, Decision Making


Our team designed and implemented a product that addressed a multidisciplinary perspective that included engineering, art, psychology, marketing, and economics. Using a decision-making framework, emphasis was placed on understanding basic quantitative methods employed by the different disciplines for making design decisions, building mathematical models, and accounting for interdisciplinary interactions throughout the design development process.


The Genkiji is a small, wearable device that tracks the day-to-day physical activity level of the user. Over the course of the day, the Genkiji has the full functionality of a wrist watch, with an additional feature: the face glows red in the morning and turns blue as the user moves around and engages in physical activity. An accelerometer tracks motion along the x-y axis, this data is interpreted to determine workout intensity. In fitness mode, the face will glow red until the user has completed a certain exercise. The software will suggest new fitness routines, and with an Internet connection the user can compare personal statistics with friends and family. Our team placed second inthe 2010 Design Expo Contest.

Watch product video

Concept Testing
Lo Fi Prototype
Hi Fi UI
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NanoHub Cardsort Menu Design

Client: nanoHub-simulation, education, and ecommunity for nanotechnology
Project: Team Dramblys 

Client: None, Team Built

Role: Researcher and Designer

Methods: Analytical Product Design, Personas and Scenario Development, Usability testing, Quantitative Analysis, Business Plan Development, HiFi, LoFi prototyping, Decision Making
Methods: Generalized transition network (GTN), personas and scenarios, comparative evaluation; heuristic evaluation, survey, usability testing, vocabulary/visual analysis


The focus of this course was to engage in a series of methods to comprehensively evaluate usability, functionality, and aesthetics within a system. We explored these approaches, and produce deliverables for the nanoHub interactive system. Administering a usability test, we were able to identify first-time nanoHUB users' characacteristics and system use, with particular attention to preferred navigation methods. Our primary findings and recommendations were presented to the client at the end of the semester related to improving the site's architecture, employing more user testing before implementing functionality to the site, revising the site's visual design, and streamlining the site's content.

Old Design
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Intel Computer Clubhouse Village eCommunity

Client: Intel Computer Clubhouse eCommunity
Project Team: Self 

Role: Researcher and Designer
Methods: Research, Social science theories


The online interaction environment of the Intel Computer Clubhouse Village eCommunity is analyzed in order improve and sustain interactions over time. By connecting social science theories with the goals of the online community, I developed a case study to support and refine the Village's personal design claims and goals. I also documented social and technical features while assessing their impact on these various design goals.

Two main treads were reviewed. One tread was concerned with the practical issues of design and use of online tools to support the community, and how choices that must be made in design can impact the function and style of the resulting community. The second thread focused on the sociological theory that provide a frame to better understand communities in general. These theoretical pieces provided a lens for better understanding the implications of choices made on the more practical level within the Village. This particular eCommunity is held together by a common identity, a collective purpose, and by the individual utility gained from the interrelations.


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Drupal Recommender System Development

Client: Drupal Open Source Content Management System
Project Team: Daniel Zhou, PhD candidate, Paul Resnik, Professor, and self 

Role: Researcher and Designer
Methods: Conversation Pivots, Double Pivots, Precision and Recall, Recommendation Systems, Reputation Systems, Search Engine Optimization


Drupal is a free open source content management system written in PHP. It offers a way for a large number of people to manage, edit, and store website content with ease. Drupal also has an eCommunity that develops and provides advice, documents, downloads and modules. Our goal was to find links between items and forums within instances of pivots which are general classes of navigation aids. We tracked and compared the tags and alias of frequently named modules included in the Drupal online forums through human editing. When user-contributed data from forum discussions were collected, we analyzed irregularities in patterns of reference and tested several algorithms. By using automatic mining of conversation in forum data, we planned to produce better indexes for their search engine.



Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 10.32.40 PM
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Mood Index of Leading Online Sociability Indicators

Client: Mood Index of Online Sociability Indicators 
Project Team: S1 730 Doctoral Class

Role: Researcher and Designer
Methods: Classifier, Machine Learning, Quantitative Analysis


The internet serves not only as a vast source of information, but also as a powerful mechanism for connecting people and creating communities, through mechanisms that range from formal (e.g., collaboratories) to semiformal (e.g., social networking sites) to informal (e.g., viral advertising). During this doctoral seminar, our team developed metrics for a mood classifier. Our goal was to prove that mood has social connectivity on the internet that could be computed regularly-and hence, at least semi-automatically-and distributed widely. By collecting vast amounts of Twitter and Facebook feed, we were successful in classifying several types of moods, like sarcasm and sadness.

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Fetch Dalton - The Lab Recipe Organizer

Client: Webber Innovations 
Project Team: Good Measure 

Role: Researcher and Designer
Methods: Contextual Inquiry, Software Design, Prototyping, Usability Testing, Survey Design and
Implementation, Heuristic Evaluation, Ethnographic Interviewing


Currently, bench level researchers do not have access to a well-implemented set of software tools to aid them in the nitty-gritty details of their most repetitive and accuracy-dependent tasks. No one has tackled the challenge of laboratory research knowledge management and experiment development…until now. For this project, I dug deep into the culture of chemistry and medical academic research labs and worked with my 4-student team to create several lo-fi and hi-fi prototypes that address the common issues facing researchers today. As a result we developed a recipe builder beta prototype for what is now known as Fetch Dalton. Fetch Dalton is a user-centric web application to help reduce risk and repetition in the lab, while improving knowledge retention. The cost is paid by advertisers, and if we have done our jobs right, the ads you see will be for products you want for your research.

View our website.

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Herman Miller Site Architecture Redesign

Client: Herman Miller 
Project Team: SI 658 Team PolarBear

Role: Researcher and Designer 
Methods:  Information Architecture, Generalized transition network (GTN), Personas and Scenarios, Contextual Inquiry, Prototyping, Process Modeling


Herman Miller is a popular designer and manufacturer of furniture systems and ergonomic products. Through research, our team created a report and implemented an information architecture strategy for the Herman Miller website. By creating personas and scenarios, we were able to brainstorm design solutions and create conceptual models and wireframes to communicate our ideas and optimize the site. In addition to contributing to all aspects of this project, I was responsible for developing our strategy and wireframes for the Herman Miller home and business section.

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Intel Customer Support Site Evaluation

Client: Intel Customer Support’s (ICS) 
Project Team: Self 

Role: Researcher and Designer
Methods: Contextual Inquiry, Process Modeling, Ethnographic Interviewing, Interpretation Sessions, Personas and Scenario Development, Quantitative Analysis, Data Manipulation


For this project, I researched Intel Customer Support’s (ICS) in order to propose and implement a customer persona segmentation analytics process for their website. I defined appropriate customer segmentations and reported customer metrics through use of personas. Based on the persona work, I was able to make suggestions on how to deflect end-users to their place of purchase or the ICS website.

Additionally I researched  world-wide ICS contact center issue resolution results and identify top improvement opportunities.  Particular focus was on determining if repeat contacts could be reduced by providing more proactive information during first contact. In this process I developed a project plan for addressing top improvement opportunity and analyzed feedback options globally and in localized languages. 

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