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We received the Global Business Platinum Award for strategic and long-term impact to Google's culture. Yes, our contribution to the Google-Fi MVNO project won an award.







Untethered plans are the future as connectivity expands around the globe. The MVNO market is currently valued at $62.5 billion and is forecast to increase to more than $100 billion by 2025 (Lehikoinen, Pont, Sent, 2020).


With the introduction of 5G speed, MNVO can target innovation to boost the customer experience. According to GSMA Intelligence (2020), Mobile 5G is now commercially available from 46 operators in 24 markets worldwide; 79 operators across a further 39 markets have announced plans to launch mobile services. COVID-19 has not slowed down the need for MVNO. With more workers transitioning to the internet to connect with friends and family worldwide, the need for connectivity is essential as data traffic surges. Google fi is leading the charge. 

Large scale social impact.

High financial return. 


Case Studies

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