Our agile teams worked side-by-side with IBM iX, a strategy partner of IBM, to develop an experience for Fast Shop Brazil Electronics that resonated with the culture of Brazil.




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For the Fast Shop Brazil Electronics Store design project, we worked on next-generation services, dedicated to creating transformative ideas that catapulted clients into our future first model. We worked in global studios to strategize, create and design to scalable digital, commerce, mobile and wearable platforms to invent and co-create innovations that drive results.







There will be more than 600 million mobile subscribers in 2023, and two thirds will be from the Asia Pacific and Sub sub-Saharan Africa. Latin America and Asia show stable growth in commerce services (GSMA Intelligence, 2020). Designing solutions for emerging markets is more important than ever before. 

In order to capture global market share, inclusive design studios must depart from traditional patterns in order to comprehend developing market customer behavior and challenges faced.

The IBM Fast Shop of Brazil is an example of how to create a user-friendly design that caters to different regions and cultures while yet retaining a consistent corporate identity.

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Large scale social impact.

High financial return. 


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