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The Baxter International Project entailed the development of renal dialysis software, and visual aids. We designed the Baxter's visual guide and redesign of Baxter's kidney dialysis software and IoT.









The future of Internet of Things (IoT) is artificial intelligence. IoT gives devices the capacity to report real-time updates, statuses, and system faults, and will streamline company processes in many industries. The IoT market share in the USA alone is currently valued $389 billion and forecast to surpass $1 trillion in 2030.  IoT devices are expected to grow from USD 98.8 billion in 2020 to USD 149.9 billion in 2026, indicating that the future of IoT in the corporate sector is bright (Service Type, 2021).


IoT is transforming the healthcare industry for medical personnel and clients. Hospital devices powered by IoT will increasingly detect real-time statuses of medical equipment such as oxygen, patient and glucose monitoring, prediction diagnoses and device stats.


During COVID-19 and natural disasters, IoT will be beneficial in the absence of personnel and understaffed hospitals.

Large scale social impact.

High financial return. 


Case Studies

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