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We collaborated with Emtrain to create compliance technology to create data-driven cultural baseline technology for Netflix, Cisco and Uber with a focus on employee retention.






We helped create cultural baseline software that charts workplace dynamics with proven data. Emtrain is a for-profit firm dedicated to building stronger ecosystems via the use of effective data-backed models, lessons, and training. Emtrain's headquarters are located in Sacramento, California.





74% of professionals believe that remote work will become the new normal, while a whopping 91% of employees don't want to return to the office full-time.  (Prossack, 2020). COVID-19 disrupted the workforce and accelerated the growing adaptation of digital technologies and hybrid work environments. Employers are reinventing their online and offline environments to find solutions to retain employees for the future of work. The work world is experiencing a paradigm shift as hybrid work models are used by top companies like Ford, Spotify and Microsoft in response to the pandemic. 

Companies like Emtrain investigate, identify, and employ  methodologies to match effective practices from top companies to retain and evolve the environment of talented teams. Work studios of the future are crucial to prepare businesses for future digital technologies and disruption.

Scientist on Tablet

Large scale social impact.

High financial return. 


Case Studies

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