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From 2017 through 2020, I have averaged about 30+ talks annually. Looking for an awesome speaker? Please fill out Nancy Douyon Speaker Request Form to inquire about a speaking opportunity.


2016 Session Speaker, Adobe Max, Topic: Humanizing Usability and User Experience Across Cultural Boundaries

2016 Speaker, NYC Global Citizen Festival: Made with Code Initiative, Careers in Tech For Young Women

2016 Tech Inclusion Conference sponsored by Google for entrepreneurs, Topic: Inclusive Product Design 

2016 UX Conference Speaker, Google: Diversity & UX

2016 Workshop Lead, Google UX Experts Summit, Topic: A Human-Centered Approach to Usability

2016 Keynote Speaker, Google: Made with Code Girls Party, Topic: Using Code to write your own story
2016 Speaker, Designing Products: Research Stories Untold, SF Design Week, Zendesk
2016 Speaker, Google, Race@ initiative: Programming and Prejudice: Can Computers Be Racist?
2016 Speaker, Google UX Diversity Talk 
2016 Speaker, Google Bringing the Cloud Down to Earth
2016 Speaker, Facebook Tech Diversity Hack Day
2016 Speaker, UX Research Leadership
2016 Speaker, The White House Caribbean Heritage Month Celebration Symposium
2016 Speaker, Google Bay Area Blacks in Tech Showcase, Topic: Are you smarter than the users?
2016 Speaker, GirlTank, Topic: Brand You
2016 Keynote Speaker, National Society of Blacks in Computing Conference, Topic: Personal Branding
2016 Speaker, Empowering-Her Lighting Talk & Happy Hour
2016 Speaker, AIGA Designing Products series: Research Stories Untold at SFDW Inbox x
2015-16 Board Member of Africa Impact Group
2016 Adobe Panelist,  "UX Design Think Tank" – sharing insights of what it’s like to design today
2016 Google Platinum Award: Project Fi Launch(The Platinum award recognizes empowering Googlers whose contributions have strategic and long-term impact to the organization. They not only drive the global business but also the Google culture. Their leadership and initiative makes the business, the users, and themselves thrive.)
2016, Google Peer Bonuses, Spot Awards and Kudos for above and beyond work


2015 Google Platinum Award: Project Fi Launch(The Platinum award recognizes empowering Googlers whose contributions have strategic and long-term impact to the organization. They not only drive the global business but also the Google culture. Their leadership and initiative makes the business, the users, and themselves thrive.)

2015, Google Peer Bonuses, Spot Awards and Kudos for above and beyond work

2015 Huffington Post Article Feature, 13 Brilliant Women Innovators and SMEs
2015. Awardee, 40 Under 40: Tech Diversity for Silicon Valley
2015 Speaker, An evening with Google -  Vol. 1 "Engineers @ Work", Google Speaker Series
2015 Speaker, Twitter, Are you CEO of your own career?
2015 Speaker, Pinterest, Delight Delight Case Study
2015 Moderator and Speaker, Tech Inclusion Panel, Allies 
2015 Blavity​ Black Women in Tech, Speaker: Black Women in Tech
2015 Speaker: UX for Emerging Economies
2015 Grow Technology Speaker, Topic: Are You the CEO of Your Own Career?
2015 BAYBIT Speaker, Topic: Designing for Delight
2015 Failure Feast StoryTeller,  Topic: Success is the Ability to Go From One Failure to Another With No Loss of Enthusiasm
2015 Boston Globe News Article, Topic: Breaking Barriers in Tech
2015 Instructor, Tech Session for BUILDUP, Topic: Design Thinking
2015 Instructor, Tech Session for BUILDUP, Topic: Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
2015 Speaker UX South Africa Conference, Topic: Psychology and UX -- Understanding how people think and feel makes better products
2015  Speaker,  UX Joburg meetup community, Topic: User Experience Research on High Profile Projects
2015 Organizer, Speaker, Instructor, Black Techies Meetup Bay area, UX Focus

2015 UX Researcher, Google Project Fi
2015 Instructor, speaker, judge UNC Pearl Hacks Hackathon, Topic: Intuitive Design
2015 Organizer and Speaker, #BlackFutureMonth StorySLAM, Topic: Beyond the 1%
2015 Speaker, YWCA Silicon Valley’s TechGYRLS STEM program, Topic: What is Computer Science?
2015 Speaker, Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing, Topic: Resume Writing Workshop
2015 Speaker, Google Cambridge Grant Winners, Topic: Life @ Google. 
2015 Speaker Intel Computer Clubhouse Alumni Conference, Topic: Wellness, Connection and Reflection,
2015 Alumni Panelist, Intel Computer Clubhouse Network Annual Conference, Topic: Life after Computer Clubhouse
2015 Lead EDU Google Outreach Austin, Topic: Affordance Models


2014 University of Lagos Speaker, Topic: Introduction to User Experience
2014 Ghana Computer Science Outreach Lead, Topic: Affordance Models
2014 Google Internal News, "Notes from the field: Bridging the the digital divide in Atlanta"
2014 Speaker, Instructor, Black Googler Network Computer Science Day, Atlanta GA, Topic: What is Computer Science?
2014 Broadcom Presents Design_Code_Build with Rock Star Nancy Douyon, Topic: Computer Science & Its Changing Faces
2014 Keynote speaker at UC Berkeley School of Information InfoCamp is an “unconference”, Topic: Crafting User Experience
2014 Speaker, Intel Computer Clubhouse Network Annual Conference, Topic: Connect, Inspire, and Guide women into Computing
2014 Speaker and Mentor, Google DC Hack Hackathon (Howard University and Hampton University), Lightning Presentation: How to Pitch and Demo, Demo, Demo
2014 Mentor, #YesWeCode Hackathon, Essence Festival, Hosted by Prince (yes that one)
2014, Mentor, Adobe Youth Voices
2014 Instructor, Intel Engineers 4 Tomorrow, Topic: Human Factors Engineering 
2014 Judge, Google Education Rise Awards
2014 President, Bay Area Haitian Family
2014 Lead EDU Google Outreach Atlanta, Topic: Affordance Models
2014 Instructor, Black Googler Network, Topic: Personal Branding Workshop
2014 Instructor, Black Google Network, Topic: Relationship Building Workshop
2014, Google Brownbag, Topic: Heuristic Design Review


2013 Sexiest Black Female Scientists 
2013 Speaker National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), Google Resume Writing Workshop
2013 Unsung Hero, Suffolk University
2013 Haiti's Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe visits Google employees of Haitian descent, Nancy Douyon
2013 Organizer and Lead, UX Design Jam Roadshow Berkeley I-School, Stanford D-School, University of Michigan and Clemson University
2012 NPR Michigan Moth StorySlam Winner
2012 Keynote Speaker at Governor Deval Patrick's "The Science Behind the Stars" at the Museum of Science, Boston Topic: I am not a Unicorn
2012 Speaker, Intel Scholar, Topic: From Foster Care to PhD
2011 Rachkham Graduate SCOR Conference Workshop Speaker, “Decent Exposure: Branding and Networking”
2011 Spokesperson and Program Chair, Society of Minority Engineers & Scientists-Graduate Component (SMESG)
2011 Speaker, MUSES (Movement of Underrepresented Sisters in Engineering and Science)
2010 Speaker, Digital Media and Learning Conference, Topic: The Role of Making, Tinkering, Remixing in Next-Generation Learning
2010 Speaker, Multi-Ethnic Information Exchange(MIX)


2009 GEM (National Consortium for Graduate Degrees for Minorities in Engineering and Science) Grad Lab
2008 University of Michigan GEM Grad Lab, Panelist
2008 Portland Tribune Article, Title: Intel fellow Nancy Douyon helps kids learn the basics of the image altering program, Photoshop, during a teach-in session
2007 Speaker, First Annual Intel Computer Clubhouse Girls Conference
2006 Speaker, Biannual Intel Computer Clubhouse Teen Summit
2006 Keynote speaker, Inaugural Girls International Forum’s (GIF) International Girls Summit
2006 Keynote speaker, Cambridge Community Rowing INC boathouse fundraiser
2004-2015 Mentor, Intel Computer Clubhouse
2004 Speaker, Intel Computer Clubhouse Network 10th Anniversary
2004 Acceptance speech, for freshman class Presidency, Mount Ida College
2003 Speaker, United Way Women’s Leadership Breakfast
2003 Panelist, MIT Panel discussions about youth and activism, technology and learning, and youth mentoring
2002 Speaker, Key Club International
2002 Speaker, Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) Bystander Intervention Conference
1999 Interviewee, in National Center for Technological Literacy video wall display at entrance to Blue Wing of the Museum of Science (currently in 17th year!)

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